Tip #1:


Hair Care Regimen

Your hair care regimen may be causing preventing your hair from growing; you may not be doing certain things or may be doing them wrongly.




It is important to find a proper hair care regimen that works for your hair and stick to it.




Tip #2:


Wrong Tools

Aside from the obvious damage that excessive blow drying and flat ironing can cause, using poor hair tools like small toothed combs, wrong brushes, rubber bands, fractured bobby pins can result in damage to your hair.






Be careful of the hare care tool you use and how you use them. Ensure that your heat tools can be regulated and avoid using rubber bands that will cut your hair.




Tip #3:


Heat Damage

Heat from blow dryers can cause your hair to not grow. Using heat on a regular basis can also make you lose your natural curl pattern.



Don’t use heat on your hair but if you have to, ensure you use a heat protectant before using heat on your natural hair.




Tip #4:


Lack of Moisture

The need for moisture in natural hair cannot be over-emphasized. Since natural oils produced from your scalp do not always reach the ends, you need to find ways of moisturizing your hair for growth.






When washing your hair, apply another layer of moisture like the Healthy Thicker Curls Extreme Nourish & Repair Leave-In Conditioner.

For cleansing your hair we recommend using a Sulfate-Free shampoo like the Healthy Thicker Curls’ Curl Accentuating Sulfate-Free Shampoo to help retain more moisture.




Tip #5:


It is important to moisturize from the inside out. If you are not drinking enough water then your hair will have difficulty retaining length.





To grow your hair long and healthy you should drink two litres of water per day. You will notice changes within a month if you stay hydrated.
The daily water requirements for children however depend upon their body weight. For a child, the recommended water intake per day is the number of ounces equal to two-thirds of his/her body weight.



Tip #6:

Over Manipulation

Over manipulation of your hair with your hands or combs and brushes will cause unnecessary stress which will cause your fragile ends to break off.



Try wearing protective styles like braids, twists or in a bun to avoid touching it too much. Scalp massages are also effective for hair regrowth. A good scalp massage can be achieved by simply using all 5 fingers to rub your scalp in small circular motions. Scratching the scalp should be avoided as this can cause damage by disrupting the hair follicles.
The Healthy Thicker Curls Hair Growth Oil makes for a fabulous massage agent. Key Ingredients are: Soybean Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Grape Seed Oil.



Tip #7:


Brushing your Hair

How often do you brush your hair? Most natural hair women make the mistake of not brushing their hair enough.



You need to brush your hair frequently (not over doing it ofcourse 🙂 ) so that the old ones will loosen out and new ones will grow. Also, ensure to use a good brush to help stimulate the scalp which encourages healthy hair growth. Also, do not brush your hair when it is wet because wet hair is most fragile. We recommend you use a boar bristle brush.





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