The Science Behind The Inversion Method



The inversion method has 3 parts:
Step 1: Warm up an oil or a combination of your choice.


The warm temperature helps your blood vessels relax so you can pump more blood smoothly. Warming the oil is not always necessary since the scalp is already a warm environment so think of this step as a bonus.
Step 2: Massage warm oil into scalp (take a 30 second break after every minute of massaging)


By rubbing lightly in a small area at a time you stimulate a wide area of vessels and avoid damaging your hair strands and follicles at the same time.
The word “stimulate” means to raise levels of physiological or nervous activity in (the body or any biological system). As you stimulate your scalp, the blood in your blood vessels rush blood faster to that area and since your blood is carrying food your cells eat, they’re getting more and in turn are producing more protein.


Step 3: Invert (or flip) your head for 4 minutes (be sure to come back up slowly)


When you defy gravity by turning your head upside down, you disturb your body’s natural flow. As the blood rushes to the upper body it also carries nutrients which means more protein production.
Now you know this, you can probably understand why adopting a healthy balanced diet and a consistent heart rate pumping exercise routine will help you to experience better results.
Do this every day for 7 days and give yourself at least a month break in between. The inversion method is an accumulative effect so patience is key.


Warning: The inversion method can cause adverse effects if done incorrectly especially with those with existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, hernia, obesity, swollen joints, pink eye as well as pregnant women. We therefore recommend talking to your doctor and carrying out your own research beforehand if you have any medical conditions.
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So try it out Ladies and let us know how you get on !!


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