During workouts, that sweaty scalp and forehead can be annoying as well as challenging. But sweat is the body’s natural way of regulating its temperature.


So sweating is good just as working out at the gym is.





However, many women with natural hair tend to avoid working out a sweat at the gym. The reason is not far-fetched. How do I keep my natural hair clean while

still working out a sweat at the gym?



Health or hair?


This is a huge and vital question that women with natural hair deal with often. It is a determining factor for keeping fit. Despite the challenges of working out and


maintaining clean hair at the same time, we nevertheless advocate for working out. Yes, because there are ways you can keep your natural hair clean while still

working out a sweat at the gym or in any form of exercise.






1. Protective hairstyle to suit the workout regimen.


Tie your hair into a ponytail so that the hair will not interfere with your work out. To avoid loss of hairline, do not tie too hard. Secondly,

massage natural oils like coconut oil into the hairline. You can also try the Healthy Thicker Curls Hair Growth Oil. Also, you can weave the

hair into cornrows or Mohawk during work out. This will allow air into your hair, as well as keep it away from your face.





2. Use satin-lined hair bands, hair pins and clips.


These will help keep your hair clean and ensure they don’t get in your way while you are trying to work out a sweat at the gym. The satin-

lined band protects your hairline as there won’t be friction between hair and band. For more protection on the go, check out the satin lined

hoodies, visors and caps at kinapparel.org.





3. Minimize products usage.


Sweating during workout is normal; although, it can create horrible odor in your hair. On the other hand, you can seamlessly curtail this by

minimizing the amount of products you apply to your hair.

A little usage of products with oil and cream concentrates will drastically reduce sweating while working out and make your natural hair

look good.





4. Steam your hair.


Before you steam your hair, you should wash with a sulfate-free shampoo to help you get the optimum result. Steaming will not only cleanse but also

rejuvenate your hair. You can then apply essential oil after the process. This will help to refresh your natural hair and curb embarrassing hair odor that may

disrupt your deep workout period.














5. Create and maintain suitable hair-gym routine.


First, schedule your workout for when the weather is cooler. If you live in hot environments, early mornings and late evenings will work

best. Likewise, schedule your work out to suit your hair needs. For instance, intense workout sessions for weekends when you are

scheduled to wash or condition your hair. Then, light workouts weekdays. That way, your hair is cleaner oftentimes.


Use these methods regularly to keep your natural hair clean while still working out a sweat.